How to Properly Care for Your Men’s Leather Bag or Briefcase

One of the best things you can purchase is a men’s leather bag. This investment can last you a lifetime when you care for it properly and condition it regularly. If you will be using your men’s leather bag often, it is even more important to care for your bag. A leather bag will be subjected to aging, abrasion, the elements and may even come into contact with certain chemicals. To help ensure that your leather stays soft and supple, you want to wipe it down with a clean damp cloth often and use a leather conditioning product.

leather hand bag

Continue reading to learn how to keep your leather briefcase from ledermannleather or any men’s leather bag looking as good as it did on the day you purchased it. The following tips come from industry leaders specializing in leather bags.

– The leather must be conditioned every six months to help maintain the soft and luxurious look and feel of your leather bag. When shopping for a conditioner, look for one that is specifically designed for leather. Conditioning your leather is quite easy, simply apply the conditioner with a small soft sponge. Once you have applied the conditioners, gently buff the leather with a non-abrasive cloth to help remove any excess conditioner.

fashion-601562_960_720If your leather bag gets wet, blot the surface with a clean, dry soft cloth. Do not rub the spot because it can force the moisture into the leather. Additionally, if the moisture contains any salt, wipe the bag with a damp cloth to remove the salt. Then, blot it with a dry cloth. Remember, if you see moisture, it is essential that you act quickly.

Keep your leather bag out of direct sunlight. Sun exposure can cause the leather to crack and fade. Additionally, heat can damage leather. Do not store your leather bag near any heat source.

When you are not using your leather bag, store it inside a cloth bag. This will help keep the bag out of the sunlight and protect it from heat and dust. It is much easier to properly care for your bag than try to correct a problem once it occurs.

If your briefcase becomes sopping wet, do not try to dry it yourself. Allow the leather bag to air dry first. Lay the bag on a flat surface and stuff newspapers inside the bag to help it maintain its shape. Avoid placing it near a heat source or in direct sunlight as it can cause your bag to crack or fade.

The inside of your bag is just as important as the outside of your bag. Wipe down the inside of your bag with a damp cloth. This method will help keep the inside of your bag looking as good as the outside of your bag.

Owning a leather bag is not difficult; however, you must follow the advice from this article. The tips located above will help your leather bag look good for years to come. Condition the bag regularly, wipe down the inside of your leather bag a few times a year, immediately pat the bag dry if it gets wet and keep it away from heat and sunlight to prevent cracks and fading.